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April 25th, 2011
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  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Changes to Disability Discrimination

December 2010

  • Christmas Parties and their consequences

January 2011

  • 10 Resulotions for 2011

February 2011

  • Questions & Answers arising from Redundancy seminar

March 2011

  • Sex discrimination and harassment: dealing with grievance
  • Sex discrimination and harassment: claims arising from sex discrimination

April 2011

  • When an employee without one year’s qualifying service can claim unfair dismissal
  • How to calculate one year’s continuous service

May 2011

  • Disciplinary Procedures: The employee who goes off sick

June 2011

  • Retirement

August 2011

  • Holiday pay

October 2011

  • Agency Workers Regulations
Please note that whilst the contents of these newsletters were up to date at the date they were published, they are not updated so you are advised to check the main topics from the home page to ensure the law is up to date

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